Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye, Serena and Joe Wilson - Shame On You

Have we lost all sense of decorum? Have good manners gone by the wayside? Is it due to ignorance, is it a generational gaffe, or is it a class difference? It could be any or all of this, but I think we not only allow, but encourage celebrities and people in power to have such a hugely inflated sense of themselves, that their ill-manners and rude behavior do not seem inappropriate to them. It is all about them and you better not forget it.
Who does Kanye West think he is, to get up on stage, interrupt and embarrass 19 year old Taylor Swift in the middle of her MTV acceptance speech? Does he honestly think his celebrity gives him the green light to to impose his unwarranted opinion on others in a boorish manner?
Is it okay for Serena Williams to threaten a referee because she doesn't agree with a call? Does she think it is appropriate to use such foul language at a public event?
Probably the saddest demonstration of ill manners and self-gratifying behavior is Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst during President Obama's speech to the Congress.
Are these the people we want to hold up to future generations as role models? Is their bad behavior something to be celebrated? Are apologies that are only made because outside pressures have come to bear really apologies?
Kanye West should have been escorted out of the MTV Awards, Serena Williams should be penalized from playing the next game and Joe Williams should be sanctioned by Congress and the people of South Carolina.
At the end of the day maybe we need to let these people know how we feel about their rude, uncouth and ill mannered behavior. Stop buying Kanye West Cd's. Stop watching Serena's matches; and think twice before you step into that voting booth.

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